As the use of Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse, and other audio tools exploded this year, audio engineers and developers are working on integrating spatial audio technology into their platforms. Companies like Apple are priming the consumer (and business) market by releasing products that support spatial audio, including AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. Even Google is getting into the spatial audio game.

As more companies begin to show support and jump on the spatial bandwagon, 3D audio is becoming the new standard.

5 Reasons to Add Spatial Audio

Have you considered integrating spatial audio into your platform? Here are five reasons why if you haven’t already, you should!

Spatial Audio:

  1. Replicates how the brain processes audio in the physical world.
  2. Spatializes each audio source, so it appears in a contextually realistic position.
  3. Reduces virtual fatigue caused by the increased cognitive demands of virtual communications.
  4. Creates a more natural experience that increases productivity, efficiency, and engagement.
  5. Provides an overall immersive and dynamic experience for your users.

Immersitech’s Multi-Platform SDKs to the Rescue!

Providing users with a more realistic audio experience dramatically improves the current audio environment. High-quality audio enhances speaker intelligibility and as a result, can increase productivity and the effectiveness of virtual communications. Spatial audio gives your users a more natural and immersive experience. If creating the best user experience possible is a priority, we encourage you to try Immersitech’s spatial audio technology.

Our multi-platform SDKs are designed to integrate seamlessly into existing platforms and provide industry-leading audio capabilities for service providers. We deliver a unique collaboration experience at a competitive price point. Immersitech’s SDKs make it easier for your development teams to create quality, user-friendly features that your team can get launched and in the hands of customers faster than the competition, allowing you the chance to capture a greater market share.

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About Immersitech

Immersitech provides a unique portfolio of patented sound processing technology, deployed as easy to integrate Software Development Toolkits (SDKs) focused on providing advanced noise cancellation, voice clarity, and immersive spatial (3D) audio capabilities for Unified Communications, Distance Learning, and Social Entertainment applications in high growth areas like Gaming. Our multi-platform SDKs are designed to provide Service Providers with industry-leading audio capabilities leading to high-quality, immersive communication experiences at a competitive price.