About Us

Immersitech creates powerful, immersive experiences that connect people in astounding ways!

Immersitech brings engaging, easy to integrate, immersive spatial (3D) audio to a broad set of applications.  We see a tremendous opportunity for our patented and licensed technologies to address several challenges that frustrate users of collaboration, gaming and related multi-user communication applications.

Our goal is to be a trusted technology partner delivering quality audio-related SDKs that allow customers to provide amazing sound applications that exceed user expectations.

This results in increased service use, customer subscription growth, and the ability to reduce churn, which completely offsets the investment in the Immersitech Engage™ and Gaming SDKs.


  • Creates phenomenal customer experiences
  • Acts with integrity and accountability
  • Innovates collaboratively
  • Delivers quality
  • Focuses on collaboration applications such as virtual conferencing and gaming
  • Has an inclusive and fun work environment

Meet the Team

Jim Poore
CEO & Co-Founder

Jim has over 20 years’ experience including senior executive roles in strategic marketing, global product management, M&A integrations, customer experience and product development for global communication technology leaders including Level 3 Communications, Global Crossing Ltd., Silicon Graphics/Cray Research and Soleo Communications. Jim has successfully planned and launched dozens of advanced communication products during his career delivering substantial, profitable revenue with an emphasis on great customer experiences.

Dave Horan

Dave is our technical team leader with a background in web development, database system architecture, and enterprise project/infrastructure management for companies such as Paychex, Kodak Alaris, and Oracle. Throughout his career he has been able to bridge complex technical and business requirements to enable the successful completion of key projects with an eye toward day-to-day operations.

Isaac Mosebrook
Principal Audio Engineer

Isaac is a recent graduate of the University of Rochester with a Master’s Degree in Audio and Music Engineering with an emphasis on Acoustics, Electrical Engineering, Signal Processing, and Computer Science.  His self-starter, entrepreneurial approach has led to a number of significant audio and performance enhancements to our Engage platform that he is excited to share with customers. He is passionate about designing innovative software solutions that improve how the world hears sound. He is also an accomplished musician and producer who has recorded multiple albums.

Bill Sweeney
Director of Sales & Business Development

Bill brings over 12 years’ experience in sales and account management in software, telecom, and data center/IaaS technologies. Bill is passionate about developing trusted relationships and creating wins for his customers and partners.  During his tenure for companies that include Calero Software, PAETEC, and Windstream Hosted Solutions (TierPoint), Bill was recognized for his ability to navigate complex technical requirements while proactively being the voice of the customer and delivering value and integrity.

In addition to his role with Immersitech, Bill is also a published songwriter whose work has been recorded by a major recording artist.  Bill also serves his local community as a volunteer firefighter and VP of his respective fire company.

Ian Lawson
Audio Engineer

Ian is a recent graduate from the University of Rochester with a Master’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering focusing in signal processing and artificial intelligence. As a graduate student, he studied machine learning and its applications for audio/image analysis and manipulation. At Immersitech he has had success developing audio quality testing tools that allow for better evaluation of system performance and areas for development. Ian is excited to be involved in the design of advanced sound processing technologies for Immersitech.

Tamara Prabhakar
Product Development Analyst

Tamara is a recent graduate from the University of Pennsylvania with a Master’s Degree in Computer and Information Technology and a B.A. in Science, Technology, and Society. She has previously worked for various start-ups designing and implementing digital infrastructures and strategic campaigns for clients. Independently, she has managed software and journalistic projects with collaborative teams that focus on positive social impact initiatives and outcomes.

Luke Nash
Audio Engineer

Luke is a recent graduate from the University of Rochester with a Masters Degree in Audio and Music Engineering, focusing on audio software and signal processing. He’s been involved in many different research projects, ranging from environmental acoustics, to audio file compression, to machine learning for audio source localization. He is excited to be joining Immersitech’s team to help develop new approaches for creating immersive, high quality audio.

Garrett Gleim
Advisor & Founder

Garrett is a CPA, CGMA, and a Certified Flight Instructor. He is the founder and managing member of Gleim Conferencing, LLC. In addition to serving as Vice President and co-author of multiple Gleim Publications, Inc. learning system products. As a member of Emergent Growth Fund I and II, he is actively involved with entrepreneurs and start-up companies.

Kaly Tette
Director of Finance and Administration

Prior to joining Immersitech, Kaly spent 21 years at Verizon Wireless, where she held several positions in the areas of Finance and Operations.  Her responsibilities included the development and implementation of financial/operational reporting, monitoring business health, strategic planning, and budgeting for the North East Area. In addition, she was responsible for forecasting and quota setting across several regions and all sales channels.