We create powerful, immersive experiences that connect people in astounding ways!

Immersitech has developed an exciting portfolio of patented audio processing technologies, packaged as easy to integrate Software Development Toolkits (SDKs) that deliver advanced noise cancellation, voice clarity, and 3D spatial audio enhancement capabilities for business/event communications, social entertainment/gaming, and distance learning. Our SDKs are designed to provide global communication platforms with industry leading audio quality capabilities, leading to higher user engagement and satisfaction.


  • Creates phenomenal customer experiences
  • Acts with integrity and accountability
  • Innovates collaboratively
  • Delivers quality
  • Focuses on collaboration applications such as virtual conferencing and gaming
  • Has an inclusive and fun work environment


Meet the Team

Jim Poore
CEO & Co-Founder

Jakob Ashtar
Director, Audio Engineering

Ian Lawson
Audio Engineer


Luke Nash
Audio Engineer

Jeff Poore
Sr. Software Engineer

Kristen Kramer
Director, Product Marketing

Charlie Lucey
Marketing Associate

Ben Kevelson
Associate Audio Engineer

Kaly Tette
Director, Finance & HR

Ann Frankiewich
Bus. Planning & Ops



Garrett Gleim

Peter Juroe
Strategic Planning


Kash Ansari
Business Development

Sumeet Maniar
Business Development