BACCH Laboratories, Inc. is a technology licensing company that handles the IP portfolio produced by Princeton University’s 3D3A Laboratory, as well as other related IP, in the area of 3D (spatial) audio, for applications in various fields including: virtual reality, augmented reality, automotive audio, consumer audio, gaming, pro audio, cinema, teleconferencing, and mobile devices.  Their goal is to bring cutting-edge audio technologies from the research laboratory to the commercial sector to provide our partners and licensees with breakthrough solutions and powerful hardware and software tools that are truly innovative and disruptive.

Gleim Publishing

Gleim Publishing provides services that allow students and professions to attain higher levels of knowledge (analysis, synthesis, and evaluation) while learning concepts and problem-solving techniques. Their mission is to maximize knowledge transfer while minimizing time, frustration, and cost. They provide easy-to-use, effective knowledge transfer systems for the accounting and aviation industries. Ultimately, they help people help themselves succeed in their careers.

dWaiter Design

dWaiter Design provides human-centered web and mobile solutions that create powerful user experiences—and do so cost-effectively.  Launched 14 years ago, they have helped build superior solutions for a wide array of national and international businesses. They do not believe in design for its own sake. They are strategists who love to solve complex problems and find innovative ways to achieve business objectives.  Nimble, focused and local. At the same time, they can draw on top-flight talent from coast to coast to augment our award-winning staff. Together, we deliver results.

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