Immersive SpatialVoice audio experiences to engage your users

Immersitech has been at the forefront of developing immersive spatial audio technologies that provide the building blocks for creating online audio environments for a variety of interactive experiences. Our social audio focused software provides the ability to support 360-degree immersive audio experiences capable of placing users anywhere within a 3D space and allowing them to voice chat with each other in new and exciting ways.

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Enhance engagement with immersive spatial audio


Immersitech’s SpatialVoice SDKs incorporates a unique combination of features that allow designers and associated platform developers to add real-time, configurable, positional audio for game players, AR/VR entertainment users, and social networking groups to enhance the immersive experience and drive increased user satisfaction and engagement.

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Enjoy a more dynamic and immersive experience.

Truly “escape from reality” by making the social audio experience feel more AR/VR centric versus a standard conference call.

Experience virtual audio as if it’s all around you.

Leveraging 3D coordinate source positioning with real-time movement support, Immersitech’s spatial audio offering recreates an immersive world using standard stereo speakers or headphones.

Combat virtual fatigue.

Using enhanced distance, direction, and elevation environmental controls, the software makes the audio experience more natural for the brain to process and helps avoid virtual fatigue.

Simple integration with most popular platforms and game engines.

Bundle Immersitech’s SpatialVoice software in your application with available integration options.