We develop AI-based audio technologies for immersive communications

Powered by machine learning, our human voice focused audio enhancements make real-time, online conversations so much more enjoyable. It provides users with immersive experiences that feel more connected and personalized, allowing them to build stronger relationships with friends and teammates.

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Two core offerings,

one complete portfolio.

Immersitech ClearVoice SDK

Hear people more clearly and stay engaged
without background noise disruptions

  • Real-time noise cancellation, powered by machine learning and optimized for user experience.
  • Voice-centric auto equalizer that balances tonal qualities of audio to make voices more consistent and natural.
  • Automatic gain controls that regulate loud and quiet speakers to a common, more consistent level.

We believe that the elements of our ClearVoice Experience are the foundation to great immersive communications.

Immersitech SpatialVoice SDK

Immerse yourself in audio that feels more realistic

  • True “immersive reality” by making the social audio experience feel more engaging instead of feeling like being on a phone call.
  • 360° immersive experience by leveraging 3D coordinate source positioning – taking into account enhance distance, direction, elevation, and environmental audio adjustments – with real-time movement support.
  • Relief from virtual fatigue by making the audio experience more familiar and intuitive for the brain to process.
  • Crosstalk cancellation for 3D audio without headphones
  • Ability to set custom span angle between speakers
  • Optional distance-based attenuation
  • Ability to set custom room/participant seat layouts to easy populate pre-built virtual spaces

Immersitech ClearVoice AI & SpatialVoice Audio Samples

The challenges of removing unwanted noise from live communications have been a persistent, age-old problem that impacts immersive communication user experiences. Using AI-based machine learning methods, we have developed ClearVoice SDKs that are capable of removing a wide array of the most impactful noises.

The Immersitech SpatialVoice technology provides developers with exciting new opportunity to deliver voice chat experiences within immersive 3D environments (using real-time X, Y, Z coordinates and related movement). Our SpatialVoice SDKs are based on advanced audio research, resulting in patented technologies seamlessly integrated to provide the best live 3D spatial audio processing.

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