Immersitech delivers high-quality and engaging virtual communications.

Noise Cancellation

The challenges of removing unwanted noise from live communications have been a persistent, age-old problem that impacts virtual communications. Our team utilizes artificial intelligence-based noise management tools that will remove the hardest to camouflage sounds.

Voice Clarity

Users who join a live communications session have many factors that can contribute to poor quality audio, such as misconfigured setup, transmission quality, and even the fact that the user is either a very loud or soft talker. The Immersitech EngageTM SDK Voice Management component addresses these issues by evaluating each incoming user stream and applying advanced techniques to balance the levels of all users, improve voice clarity, and create the best audio stream for distribution to the group.

Immersive Spatial Audio

The Immersitech EngageTM SDK introduces real-time communications technology that allows users virtually within a 3D space (using defined X, Y, Z coordinates). This component results from advanced audio research, resulting in patented technologies seamlessly integrated to provide the best live 3D spatial audio processing. Leveraging BACCH® 3D audio technology yields unprecedented spatial realism that allows users to feel immersed in the virtual space.

Easy Integration

The Immersitech Engage™ SDK provides easy integration into your applications in a variety of ways. As a C/C++ library, it can be easily integrated into any compiled application allowing you to extend your audio features in new ways.