Without question, video conferencing and related collaboration applications are the true tech MVPs of this past year, successfully replacing the “in-person” experience with a remote way of life. As the use of these applications increased, so has the need for improved audio quality.

When it comes to attending a video meeting or taking an online class, we’ve become used to living with the sound quality that comes with the technology. We want to help unified communication developers make it better.

Spatial Audio

Spatial audio technology can make a HUGE difference to your listening, working, and learning experiences.

Spatial audio is designed to re-create sound as we would naturally hear it. Each sound we hear includes four components: dynamics or loudness, tone, pitch, and location. For example, imagine your neighbor’s dog down the street is barking. Based on the four components of sound, you don’t need to go outside and see the dog to know that it is down the street.

Another example is a group of individuals meeting around a conference table. Each person’s voice is projected from where they sit. It is easy to know where the sound is coming from because it can be placed by its spatial location.

With spatial audio, when attending a video meeting, or taking an online class, users experience a more natural audio experience. Each person’s voice is treated as an audio “object” with varying distance and location from the listener for optimal voice separation. Spatial audio not only increases the enjoyment of the audio experience, but it also increases user engagement and reduces fatigue.

Meet Immersitech

Immersitech has created advanced, easy to integrate Software Development Toolkits, or SDKs, to help well-established and emerging communication platforms and providers bring spatial audio technology and a more natural experience to their users.

Ready to learn more? Offer your customers a more natural audio experience by contacting Bill Sweeney, Immersitech’s Director of Business Development. You can reach him via email at bill@immersitech.net , or give him a call at (585) 888-3078 x703. Or, you can visit our website at immersitech.io to learn more about spatial audio.

About Immersitech

Immersitech provides a unique portfolio of patented sound processing technologies, deployed as easy to integrate Software Development Toolkits (SDKs) focused on providing advanced noise cancellation, voice enhancement, and spatial audio management capabilities for Unified Communications, Gaming, and Distance Learning. Our multi-platform SDKs are designed to provide Service Providers in key markets with industry-leading audio capabilities through simplified integration, leading to higher quality collaboration experiences at a competitive price. Immersitech is located in Pittsford, NY.