James Earl Jones, Ellen, and Sam Elliott are all easily recognizable through their voices alone.  There is something compelling about them that pulls us in and garners our attention regardless of the topic.

Charisma isn’t just a visual experience. It’s also an auditory phenomenon. Like your favorite radio personality, certain voices draw us in. We want to hear more! Of course, this works both ways. We’ve all heard those voices that sound like fingernails on a blackboard!

So, what makes one voice compelling and another annoying? And how can you train your voice to sound charismatic?

It’s complex. There are many moving parts when we talk about the human voice – figuratively and literally! When it comes to producing a great voice, the entire body is involved.

Cultivating a Charismatic Voice

Here are three tips to help train your voice to be powerful and compelling. Remember, these are just initial steps!

Ground Your Voice…

  1. In Emotion – Never speak until your feelings are clear about what you are saying. To project charisma, your voice should always be grounded by unconscious emotion. For example, if you see a child running into traffic, you would yell for them to “Stop!” in an urgent voice. When you speak, be just as clear about the emotions of your words.
  1.  In Your Body – To keep your voice pure and strong, you need proper posture, supporting your sound from well-grounded feet, through your abdomen, to your diaphragm and lungs. Your voice should carry from your feet right through to your throat and vocal apparatus.
  1. In Your Breath – For many singers and speakers, breath is where the discussion of the voice begins. We’ve put it third to emphasize the importance of grounding your voice in your emotions and your body when developing a charismatic voice. Of course, breath and breathing are the basis of a strong voice. Breath naturally. Avoid holding your breath or directing it through your nasal passages. A strong voice starts with the breath and diaphragmatic support.

Here at Immersitech, we know our leading-edge SDKs won’t give you a voice like James Earl Jones at your next virtual meeting, but they will help your voice come through loud and clear!

Our Engage SDKs allow service providers to elevate the user experience by reducing unwanted noise, managing voice clarity, and supporting developers with pre-configured SDKs.

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About Immersitech

Immersitech provides a unique portfolio of patented sound processing technologies, deployed as easy to integrate Software Development Toolkits (SDKs) focused on providing advanced noise cancellation, voice enhancement, and spatial audio management capabilities for Unified Communications, Gaming, and Distance Learning. Our multi-platform SDKs are designed to provide Service Providers in key markets with industry-leading audio capabilities through simplified integration, leading to higher quality collaboration experiences at a competitive price. Immersitech is located in Pittsford, NY.