Here at Immersitech our amazing employees are our strongest asset! In the first installment of our “Get to Know the Team” blog series, we’re going to introduce you to Jim Poore and Tamara Prabhakar!

Jim Poore

CEO and Co-Founder of Immersitech

As the co-founder and leader of a start-up, I see my role as the coach of a great team of talented individuals and am focused on supporting the development of each of them in their respective areas. My goal every day is to lead by example. I work to motivate my team to stretch themselves outside of their comfort zones into new and existing areas of skill development and ensure that Immersitech remains an enjoyable, fulfilling place to work. This includes ensuring that there is comfort in knowing that we have the resources to fully support our team and grow.

What I love most about my role at Immersitech is seeing our team come together to accomplish goals that we didn’t think were possible in a short period of time. When everyone plays a contributing role, it’s so great to see the success we all achieve as a result!

Helping Clients Solve Challenges

As a product owner for many years, I have often experienced having too many decisions to make to remain competitive in the marketplace, while providing end-users with a better experience. We all work hard to make sure that our team is well-positioned to help our customers understand that they don’t have to build everything themselves. They can leverage our expertise in audio to help them provide a great end-user experience for their customers.

Outside of Immersitech

When I’m not at Immersitech, I’m the personal assistant to my wonderful wife of 25 years, Kathy. Our son Alex is a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army stationed at Ft. Benning, GA, and our daughter Jenna is a horseback riding coach in Columbus, OH. I enjoy getting out for a day on the golf course. My wife Kathy and I love to travel both domestically and internationally. I’ve been interested in different types of sports cars since I was young, and enjoy going to some of the big car events to see hundreds of cool, exotic cars from all over the world.

Tamara Prabhakar

Product Development Analyst

My role at Immersitech is to develop the product feature requirements that align with our customers’ needs and business objectives. This involves collaborating with the business, marketing, and engineering teams to define the priorities that will shape the future iterations of the products.

What I love the most about working at Immersitech is how kind and flexible our team is. I’m constantly learning new skills, including B2B company operations.

Understanding our clients’ needs and challenges is an integral component of my role at Immersitech. My role includes shaping our products in a way that demonstrates clear value to our customers’ businesses. Every customer poses specific and unique challenges, but as a general rule, they are looking for ways to grow and retain their own customers by offering an excellent user experience and additional functionality that is cost-effective.