In part two of our “Get to Know Our Team” blog series, meet two more of our talented Immersitech team members, Dave Horan and Bill Sweeney!

Dave Horan

Chief Technology Officer

As the Chief Technology Officer, my role spans many areas of the business. It covers everything from internal technical operations, including product development and research into new emerging technologies, to talking to our many customers. My job also involves managing the teams that create our products and working with product owners and other stakeholders to ensure that we create the best possible systems and solutions to meet our customers’ unique needs.

What I love the most about my role at Immersitech is, that while it can sometimes feel like being in the center of a tornado, the variety of the work and the opportunities I have to play a major role in crafting the products, processes, and culture is unparalleled. I’m at my best working on the bridge between technology and business and coming up with new solutions to solve problems, and this position affords me this and much more.

Meeting Client Challenges

Aside from the “how-to” challenges of implementing a solution for our clients, I think the biggest challenge is helping our clients to see what is possible with our audio solutions. Nothing beats the experience of watching an “ah-ha!” moment when they grasp what’s possible and what we can create for them with audio. Getting them to that point can be a challenge in overcoming preconceived notions, but once they’re over the hurdle, the results are incredibly rewarding.

Outside the Office

When I’m not in the office, I love spending my time working on projects with my kids. It can be anything from model rocketry, or 3D printing, to electronics, or even restoring vintage computers. When I’m not working on one or more of these projects with the kids, I love spending my time creating artwork through painting or drawing.

Bill Sweeney

Director of Sales and Business Development

As Director of Business Development and Sales, I am responsible for driving revenue by identifying strategic business opportunities in new and existing markets. I also work on aligning marketing, product and sales efforts around a go-to-market strategy that delivers an awesome customer experience and impactful, and lasting, partner relationships.

The best part of working in a start-up is the opportunity to contribute to the overall business strategy, where everyone’s ideas are respected and welcomed. The opportunity to collaborate across teams at Immersitech, with the array of talented individuals who are all committed to a common unified goal, is both motivating and appreciated!

Outside the Office

When away from the office, it’s family first! My wife, daughter, and German Shepard are the core of who I am and hope to be. I’m also an active volunteer firefighter, which is the greatest community service I have to offer. I’m also a musician and published songwriter. I love the marriage of story and music and how your personal words can impact another person or countless others!