Join Jim Poore, CEO and Co-Founder of Social Audio Technology company Immersitech, and Richard Beare, award-winning VR/AR game developer, as they chat about where social audio and meaningful connections matter most in the metaverse. With host Melissa Theriault!

Jim and Richard provide their personal perspectives on social audio in the Metaverse. They start by highlighting how the Metaverse has the potential to bridge the gap in how users can interact more easily across multiple applications and devices, creating a more seamless experience. This leads to how Social Audio represents a tremendous opportunity to make Metaverse-related services more immersive and engaging with greater personalization in support of the various user activities (working, playing, learning) throughout the day.


Everyone has the potential to participate in what the Metaverse will become. Jim and Richard believe it will be important for increased collaboration between those involved in the development, to ensure it achieves the desired benefits for everyone involved. Exciting things ahead!

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