Whether they play on PC, console or a smartphone, every gamer seeks to escape their world and immerse themselves in a different reality — one where they can become part of the storyline, control the narrative, and increase their skills.

Too often we see game developers that focus on graphics and “the visual experience” more than anything else. By excluding some of the key benefits of audio in the valuable gameplay narrative, they may be leaving some gamers short of the ultimate gaming experience.

Unsurprisingly, gamers avoid playing games that have low quality, bland audio experiences. To improve gamer retention, game developers should look into some exciting new options such as machine learning based noise removal for in-game chat and spatial audio to heighten the experience.

How Does Advanced Audio Technology Software Improve Gamer Enjoyment and Retention in Gaming?

Advances in audio technology are playing an increasingly integral role in creating a more enjoyable and engaging game. Audio technologies such as spatial audio and voice clarity help increase gamer satisfaction by improving these crucial areas:

  • Increasing gamer performance by delivering a more immersive environment that allows them to hear teammates and enemies all around them with improved distance, elevation, and environmental realism.
  • Reduces miscommunication by enhancing the clarity of gamers via AI based noise removal and voice enhancements.
  • Improving the overall gaming experience by leveraging in-game real-time movement coordinates mapped to provide more immersive voice chat experiences.
  • Noise cancellation reduces in-game frustration by eliminating unwanted distractions.

Game Developers Need Immersitech Engage™ 3-in-1 Audio SDKs

Audio will play a more vital role in how gamers engage with a game and the experience they get from playing. Immersitech’s Engage™ solutions can help:

1. Advanced AI Noise Removal During Gameplay

Getting rid of unwanted background noise is one of the biggest challenges that game developers face. The Immersitech Engage™ SDK is AI trained to remove over 52,000 noises that would otherwise distract and frustrate gamers.

Gamers can now eat that bag of chips without ever having to press mute on the game.

Gamer Girl in Headphones is Playing Video Game on Her Computer.

2. Voice Clarity and Balance

Immersitech’s EngageTM SDK is not only designed to eliminate noises, it goes above and beyond to maintain the important balance of ensuring the gamers voices are levelled and coming through crisp and clear. Performing this real-time combination of noise removal, speech enhancement, and room acoustic improvements allows for optimum audio experiences in-game. Gamers will now sound more natural, clear, and crisp to make the social in-game experiences more enjoyable.

3. Immersive Spatial Audio

Immersitech’s EngageTM SDK provides patented spatial audio technology that can use in-game 3D space x, y, z coordinates of each gamer to provide a more immersive voice chat. Gamers will hear their teammates and enemies in a way that enhances the gameplay and drives retention for the game. It also brings forth unprecedented spatial realism, enabling gamers to feel more immersed in the virtual space.

Get their head in the game.

Are you ready to improve the audio quality and experience for your game? Try out Immersitech’s EngageTM SDK for free to experience it in action, or if you’d like learn more, reach out to us for a demo.

About Immersitech

Immersitech provides a unique portfolio of patented sound processing technology, deployed as easy to integrate Software Development Toolkits (SDKs) focused on providing advanced noise cancellation, voice clarity, and immersive spatial (3D) audio capabilities for Unified Communications, Distance Learning, and Social Entertainment applications in high growth areas like Gaming. Our multi-platform SDKs are designed to provide Service Providers with industry-leading audio capabilities leading to high-quality, immersive communication experiences at a competitive price.