Immersitech Engage™ SDKs for Gaming and Social Entertainment

Immerse yourself in the game with our 3-in-1 audio solution developed for video gaming. Using AI technology, Immersitech Engage™ SDKs combine noise cancellation, voice clarity, and 3D spatial audio to enhance your favorite gaming platforms.

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Game better. Game longer. Game on.

The trifecta of gaming and social entertainment communications.

3D Spatial Audio

Experience audio better than reality.
Hear your teammates all around you as you take down the enemy target.

Voice Clarity

Enhance the sound and quality of your team’s voices in-game (and out).
Converse better. Strategize better. Win.

Noise Cancellation

Remove unwanted sounds and distractions. Say goodbye to clicking, crunching, and chewing. Say hello to total gaming domination.

A competitive advantage with the click of a button.

Immersitech Engage™ and Social Entertainment technology allows platform developers and designers the ability to easily add:

In-game real-time movement support.
3D coordinate source positioning makes shouting “ON YOUR LEFT” a thing of the past.
Enhanced distance, elevation, and environmental realism.
Increase performance. Decrease fatigue.
Voice and noise management to improve the clarity of the participants.
Reduce miscommunication. Increase victory stats.

Gaming/VR Engine Adapters

Easy integration so you can focus on the game.

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