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Immersitech Launches Patented Immersive Spacial 3D Audio SDKs to Compliment Online Communication Applications

Aug 4, 2021 – Immersitech, a leading developer of patented sound processing technologies, announced the commercial launch of its Immersitech Engage™ with easy-to-integrate software development kits (SDKs). Immersitech’s technology addresses sound challenges experienced by collaboration, gaming, and multi-user, virtual event platforms by reducing background noise, improving voice clarity, and introducing immersive spatial audio to provide the most in-person-like experience available.

Immersitech’s new product offering provides flexibility for service provider development teams to easily use a sound improvement technology within the current platform seamlessly and effortlessly. “Many service providers are overwhelmed trying to address foundational quality issues while also adding new features. We augment those teams with our expertise in audio processing and allow them to deliver higher quality services faster,” notes CEO & Co-founder, Jim Poore.

Immersitech’s technology is now available globally by contacting Bill Sweeney, Director – Business Development & Sales at info@immersitech.io

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