For many, working and learning at home has brought about the awareness that if you don't have great audio underpinning your on-line conferences, it can be a miserable experience.  A recent Inc. Magazine article sponsored by EPOS in partnership with Sennheiser, who together provide advanced headphone solutions for different markets, provide study data overviewing the high cost of bad audio in terms of experience and productivity lost.  The study highlights that "95 percent of end users said their concentration and efficiency at work have suffered due to sound issues."

We agree that the right output devices can certainly improve the collaboration experience, however having Immersitech Engage™ enhanced audio at the core of the application provides the key benefit of improving the experience for everyone, not just those with the best headphones. Thanks to EPOS for highlighting just how impactful and valuable good audio experiences can be in this age of growing remote participation.

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