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imm_participant_configuration Struct Reference

A structure to describe the configuration of a participant. More...

#include <immersitech.h>

Data Fields

int input_sampling_rate
int input_number_channels
imm_participant_type type

Detailed Description

A structure to describe the configuration of a participant.

Note that these settings will apply to the participant's input while the library configuration will determine their output sampling rate, channels, etc.. The library will resample an input with a different input sampling rate to match the library's output sampling rate.

input_sampling_rateThe input sampling rate of the new participant.
input_num_channelsThe number of channels that this participant will input. Currently only supports 1 or 2 channels input.
typeAn imm_participant_type value that will describe whether this participant will input audio, output audio, or both.

Field Documentation

◆ input_number_channels

int imm_participant_configuration::input_number_channels

◆ input_sampling_rate

int imm_participant_configuration::input_sampling_rate

◆ type

imm_participant_type imm_participant_configuration::type

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