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imm_library_configuration Struct Reference

A structure to describe the configuration of the Immersitech Library. More...

#include <immersitech.h>

Data Fields

int output_sampling_rate
int output_number_frames
int output_number_channels
bool interleaved
int spatial_quality

Detailed Description

A structure to describe the configuration of the Immersitech Library.

output_sampling_rateThe output sampling rate of the library. Currently the library only supports output sampling rates of 48000, 32000, 24000, 16000, 8000.
output_number_framesThe number of frames generated in the output. Currently the library supports values of 480 (10 milliseconds), 512, 960 (20 milliseconds), and 1024.
output_num_channelsThe number of channels the library will output. Note if you are using any 3D effects, you must have at least 2 channels. Currently the library only supports 1 or 2 channel output.
interleavedIf set to true, any multi-channel audio input or output from the library will be interleaved. If set to false, it will be de-intereleaved. For quick reference, a left right stereo signal that is interleaved would appear [ L R L R ] while it would appear [ L L R R] if deinterleaved.
spatial_qualityThis value describes the tradeof with 3D rendering between CPU speed and audio quality. A smaller value (1) gives better CPU / RAM performance but lesser 3D accuracy while a higher value (5) gives better audio quality with worse CPU / RAM performance. Acceptable integer values range from 1 to 5.

Field Documentation

◆ interleaved

bool imm_library_configuration::interleaved

◆ output_number_channels

int imm_library_configuration::output_number_channels

◆ output_number_frames

int imm_library_configuration::output_number_frames

◆ output_sampling_rate

int imm_library_configuration::output_sampling_rate

◆ spatial_quality

int imm_library_configuration::spatial_quality

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