Immersive Audio Technology Samples

Immersitech ClearVoice

The challenges of removing unwanted noise from live communications have been a persistent, age-old problem that impacts immersive communication user experiences. Using AI-based machine learning methods, we have developed ClearVoice SDKs that are capable of removing a wide array of the most impactful noises.

Immersive SpatialVoice

The Immersitech SpatialVoice technology provides developers with exciting new opportunity to deliver voice chat experiences within immersive 3D environments (using real-time X, Y, Z coordinates and related movement). Our SpatialVoice SDKs are based on advanced audio research, resulting in patented technologies seamlessly integrated to provide the best live 3D spatial audio processing. Leveraging BACCH® 3D audio technology yields unprecedented spatial realism that allows users to feel immersed in the virtual experience.

Easy Integration

The Immersitech ClearVoice and SpatialVoice SDKs provide easy integration into your applications in a variety of ways.
As a C/C++ library, it can be easily integrated into any compiled application allowing you to extend your audio features in new ways.