Social audio technology for online gaming and entertainment

Powered by machine learning, our voice chat focused software makes getting together online sound so much better. It provides your users with experiences that feel more connected and personalized, allowing them to build stronger relationships with friends and teammates.

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Listen to these short samples which highlight how removing noise and providing voice clarity can improve a user’s comprehension and enjoyment. Further improve the experience with immersive spatial audio.


Two core capabilities,

one complete offering.

Voice Clarity
with Noise Cancellation

Hear people more clearly and stay engaged
without background noise disruptions

Immersive Spatial

Immerse yourself in audio
that feels more realistic

Built with developers in mind

Get started with the Immersitech Engage™ Core SDKs

Development options

Find quickstart guides for C/C++ development, Websocket, and FreeSWITCH implementations.

Implementation options

Choose device, cloud, or hybrid implementation options based on your needs.

Easy access resource guides and support

Giving you the resources you need to succeed.

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