We don’t make audio.

We make audio better.

Experience better audio quality with our world class 3-in-1 audio SDK. Using AI technology, the Immersitech EngageTM SDK combines noise cancellation, voice clarity, and 3D spatial audio into one software solution.

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Experience the next generation of noise management technology. Your ears will thank you.

Listen to the short samples which highlight the difference in clarity and comprehension that the Immersitech Engage noise, voice, and 3D processing can provide for your platform!

One SDK.

Unlimited Possibilities.

Gaming & Social

Immerse yourself in the game.

Business & Event Communications

Distraction-free meetings never sounded so good.

Distance Learning
& Education

Students just got a little more confident and a lot more engaged.

Immerse yourself in everything you do.

The trifecta of virtual communications.

Noise Cancellation

Artificial intelligence-based noise management technology makes distractions disappear like magic. Say goodbye to clicking, crunching, and chewing.

Voice Clarity

Let your voice be heard. Advanced audio techniques balance the volume levels of all users while improving voice clarity. Say “hello” more confidently and clearly.

3D Spatial Audio

Real-time communications paired with 3D spatial audio provides a world class audio experience. Immerse yourself in the game, meeting, or event, all from the comfort of your couch.

Easy Integration One Time.

One audio solution that fits all your needs.

With our C/C++ library, the Immersitech Engage SDK can be compiled application, client-side, server-side or both. Enjoy full control with as much (or as little) configuration as you need.

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