Make your interaction as immersive as your gaming experience


Immersitech Gaming

The Immersitech Gaming™ SDKs enhance various game-playing platforms providing an immersive experience with friends, family, co-workers, and the gaming community.

Imagine the feeling of your gaming partner having your back as you hear them trailing you and ensuring you are not compromised. The Immersitech Gaming™ SDK incorporates a unique combination of features that allow game designers and associated platform developers to add real-time, configurable, positional audio to players, AR/VR entertainment users, and social networking groups to enhance the immersive experiences and drive increased user satisfaction.

The Immersitech Gaming™ SDK includes:

  • 3D coordinate source positioning with real-time movement support
  • Enhanced distance and elevation environmental realism
  • Noise and Voice management to improve the clarity of the participants
  • Adapters with pre-configured APIs to support the most popular platforms
Gamer utilizing Engage UC for Gaming

Gaming/VR Engine Adapters

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