Distance Learning & Training

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As the need for distance learning and remote training rises, keeping your learners focused and ensuring they are retaining the knowledge you need can be difficult.  With a wide range of audio solutions to help maintain high levels of engagement with your learners, Immersitech has you covered.

Use cases for the Immersitech Engage™ SDK

  • Remote classrooms and corporate learning sessions
  • Virtual study groups
  • Professor/advisor/student/team meetings

The Immersitech Engage™ SDK includes

  • Automated 3D coordinate source positioning to accommodate:
    • Professor/Teacher led with common classroom configuration
    • Study/workgroup configurations
  • Ability to allow participants to adjust their listening proximity to enhance comprehension adapted to their personal preferences.
  • Noise and Voice management to improve the clarity of the participants
  • Adapters with pre-configured APIs to support the most popular platforms – i.e. Big Blue Button

Learning Platform Integrations Targeted

Big Blue Button

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