Immersitech Engage™ SDKs for EdTech

Watch students and educators thrive with Immersitech Engage™ SDKs for EdTech platforms and related learning applications. AI-powered audio solutions including advanced noise removal, voice clarity enhancements, and 3D spatial audio decrease distractions and increase comprehension in online and hybrid learning environments.

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Connect. Collaborate. Communicate.

The trifecta of education and distance learning communications.

Noise Cancellation

Remove distractions and allow learners to focus on what matters.
Say goodbye to “can you repeat that?”. Say hello to smooth and efficient lessons.

Voice Clarity

Put everyone on a more even playing (and learning) field. Allow educators to hear students clearly, regardless of their voice’s volume or clarity.
Say goodbye to frustration and sensory overload. Say hello to new smiles.

3D Spatial Audio

Increase learner engagement, retention and comprehension using the newest in 3D spatial audio.
Say goodbye to e-Learning fatigue. Say hello to improved test scores.

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Cognitive load barriers.

Background noise (and other sources of environmental noise) easily distract the brain from tasks that require a larger cognitive load (i.e. maths, languages, sciences).

How Audio Improvements Lead to Better Experiences: Learners can now give their full attention and effort to every subject.

Focus and attention barriers.

Poor classroom acoustics and background noises make it difficult for students to concentrate.

How Audio Improvements Lead to Better Experiences: Removing these barriers can lead to better student outcomes. From 1-on-1s to full lecture halls, improve student success.

Connection and mental health barriers.

Students may miss out on important connections through online and hybrid learning, resulting in self-isolation or irritability.

How Audio Improvements Lead to Better Experiences: Improve connections and monitor student wellbeing with our Whisper and Sidebar rooms. Utilize quick, easy, and private 1-on-1s without removing anyone from the classroom.

Collaboration barriers.

Educators know that online learning environments can be tough to keep on-task. With multiple voices, background noise, volume and clarity issues, students may miss important tasks or topics.

How Audio Improvements Lead to Better Experiences: With 3D spatial audio, students and educators can collaborate with each other unlike any other digital classroom experience. Sit around a digital table and engage learners just like a physical classroom.

Technology barriers.

Many schools cannot afford to send their students home with specialized equipment. Our solutions are designed for easy and affordable integration with a variety of accessible EdTech platforms.

How Audio Improvements Lead to Better Experiences: Enable high quality online classrooms to improve the daily experience of learners and educators alike. It's a win-win for schools!

Easy integration so you can focus on the learning experience!

One audio solution that fits all your needs. Ask us about our flexible pricing.

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