Configuring Event Manager

When first call imm_initialize_library you provide a path to your websocket configuration file imm_websocket_config.json
In this file, there are several parameters that you can edit that will allow the server to work under your preferences and utilize your specific keys to ensure a secure connection.

   "port": 9002,
   "certificate_file": "none",
   "certificate_chain_file": "/usr/src/server.pem",
   "private_key_file": "/usr/src/server.pem",
   "rsa_private_key_file": "none",
   "tmp_dh_file": "/usr/src/dh.pem",
   "authentification_key": "Immersitech",
   "authentification_value": "I_am_valid_immersitech_please_accept_me"

There are 5 different options for certificates you can provide.
You do not need to provide all or any of them, only the ones you want to use.
If you do not want to use an option, just set the value to none.
The two authentication fields can be any key-value pair that you desire to require in your custom handshake header.
Now to learn how to interact with the server using a web client, proceed to the next section.