SDK Reference Documentation

The Immersitech SDK

The Immersitech SDK is a C / C++ library that allow you to easily augment your existing audio applications with several audio effects, including noise cancellation, 3D spatial audio, and voice clarity effects. Provide the library with an input audio buffer and the library will output an audio buffer with the enhanced audio.

Where do I start?

If you are a C / C++ developer:

First read through the Get Started section on the left to familiarize yourself with the general concepts. Next read through the Quick Start page to quickly learn everything you need to start coding. From there you can view the full API reference or view example code depending on your preferred learning style.

If you are a Web Developer: You will want to learn how to use the Websocket Client API: Websocket API

If you are a Freeswitch developer:
You will want to jump straight to using the compiled Freeswitch Adapter binaries: Freeswitch Adapter Quick Start