Demo App Guide

Welcome to the Immersitech Desktop Demo App!  We’ve put together a handy guide to help you as you explore and experience the features we have to offer.  If you like what you hear, fill out our developer sign up form to get started with your free trial of our powerful SDK.

Here are a few things to get you started:

The experience is straightforward – We’ve gone ahead and got you started with a handful of demo files that you’re welcome to go ahead and play and listen for yourself how the Immersitech features perform or feel free to upload and record your own files.

Available Features:

  • Noise Cancellation – Removes unwanted background Noise
  • Auto EQ – Makes voices sound more full
  • Voice Clarity – Automatic gain control to balance the volume of speakers
  • 3D Spatial Audio – Move your tracks around in 3D space

Some things to keep in mind as you explore:

  • The app utilizes your system selected volume and output devices.
  • The Save As button allows you to choose a name and location for a file once you click download.
  • Clicking download will trigger a download of the file that you’re currently on with the selected combination of features as a .wav. So if you’d like to download a personal file that has been processed with Noise Management and Voice Clarity, you’ll upload your mp3 or .wav file, toggle both of those on, name your file with the save as button, and click download.
  • Downloading files can take a few moments.
  • Note that if you have Bypass Immersitech Controls toggled on, no other features will work.
Desktop App Main

Toggling on 3D Spatial Audio will open another part of the user interface that will allow you to move tracks around in 3D space.  Drag and drop your users to the location that you’d like to place their audio.  Clicking Cycle Top Layer will allow you to find avatars that may have been placed behind another.

If you’re interested in trying your own file(s), click Local Files and upload your own file or files.  If you happen to have separated tracks that you’d like to listen to in 3D space, you can upload up to 3 at once.

Desktop App Local Files
Desktop Record Audio

Finally, you’re able to record your own audio live.  Click record to begin, the button will change to a stop icon to click when you’re done recording.  Once recorded, the play icon will light up green for you to play your recording and toggle on and off the Immersitech features.  You can also download the recording as you could with uploaded files.

Note that the recording uses your system default microphone.  Please confirm that your default input device is not muted.